My name is Connie, collectively my husband and I have 11 GRANDS
all of which call me "Sweetie."
I remember long ago with the birth of my first Grand, saying these words
that still ring true today... "You are the twist that turns my Key"...
and I have repeated this to each of these intriguing little creatures
I call my GRANDS.
They are responsible for my love of photography.
Having learned that my own children grew up way to quickly, the best way
to have as many souvenirs of these GRANDS  would be to capture
those memories with a camera.... and so my journey began. The years of
learning this art through training, studying, shadowing a
few professionals and my personal favorite
"Ummm.... wonder what will happen if I do this"
have been very rewarding to me. I feel my complete self when in this
creative mode. I am always on the look out for more unique ways to
express my work and to bring a creative flair to all my souvenirs and I'd
Love the opportunity to capture your memories for you.

Yes, my GRANDS are the "Twist that turns my key" and my key...well...
 it opened the door to this amazing world of photography...
My Key Photography